Attendance Dues and Fees

What are Attendance Dues?

Providing quality Christian Education doesn’t come cheap. Acquiring land and buildings for schools is expensive and there’s always ongoing costs required to maintain them and add building improvements to support the best possible education. These costs are paid for by mandatory fees called ‘Attendance Dues’.

Attendance Dues are collected by our Proprietor (New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust) and passed on to the Peniel Land Trust to support the provision, maintenance, and development of our facilities.

Are Attendance Dues Compulsory?

Yes. The Education and Training Act 2020 states that enrolment at school is conditional on the payment of these fees. By choosing to enrol your child/ren at our school, you are committing to pay these dues regularly, and on time. We do recognise that sometimes special circumstances can make this challenging, and so the proprietor is always open to working with families to put in place a payment programme that works. The bottom line is that the dues are compulsory and that without an agreed payment plan, unpaid dues (plus debt collection fees) can be referred to a debt collection agency, and you may be required to move your child to another school. The contact details for NZCPT are on their website should you need to contact them.

How much are the Attendance Dues?

Attendance dues are set in agreement with the Ministry of Education and the Proprietor and will be announced shortly.

School Donations and Additional Fees

Wellington Hills Christian School has opted into the Government Donations Scheme so we can avoid asking parents for donations for the school’s operational activities. This mean the school will not be asking for a donation for activities that are part of the class curriculum (e.g., trips and sporting activities). Exceptions to this are where we may request payment for optional activities (e.g., music lessons) and school camps.

Other Costs

Families pay for their children’s school uniform and class stationery.