How to Enrol

“For each learner, the school community will provide quality learning, opportunities that encourage Christian perspectives, and affirm Biblical principles.”

Wellington Hills Christian College is birthed from Miramar Christian School, which was founded in 1979, by a group of families at Gateway Baptist Church, Miramar, committed to the vision of Christian education that would equip young people for a life of service to God and the community.
Wellington Hills Christian College is an integrated Christian school. As an integrated school it receives government funding for staffing and daily operations while the land and buildings are owned by Peniel Land Trust. The New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT) are the school proprietor and hold the Integration Agreement with the Ministry of Education. This Agreement allows our school to be an integrated school. The Proprietor charges attendance dues to meet the cost of maintenance and building programs. These fees are mandatory and enrolment at our school is conditional on payment of these fees. The NZCPT is also required by law to supervise and maintain the Christian character of our school.

Preference enrolments 

The Education and Training Act 2020 requires our school to provide priority enrolment to preference students. At Wellington Hills Christian College, our
Integration Agreement allows us to have up to 5% ‘non-preference’ students. These are families where parents have no particular or general connection with Christianity, but appreciate the values and beliefs of the school and wish their children to receive the education we offer.


How to Enrol

Applications for Wellington Hills Christian College, opening in 2025, are now open. 

Miramar Christian School Board is now accepting Year 1-9 applications for enrolments for Wellington Hills Christian College for 2025!  Wellington Hills Christian College (currently operating as Miramar Christian School) is thrilled you are seeking Christian education for your child.


Our Enrolment Pack

Below you will find all the information you need to enrol for Wellington Hills Christian College. This includes:

  • a link to the online enrolment form
  • a list of documentation that needs to be scanned/photographed ready for uploading
  • a list of documents for you to download and complete
  • a form to send to your church leader or someone who can provide a character reference.

It also contains our 2025 Prospectus.

We ask that you take time to carefully read and complete the Online Enrolment Form. Please have the following documents completed and ready to upload BEFORE clicking on the link to open the online form.


Documents and information to have ready to upload to the electronic enrolment form:

  • Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Residency/Student Visa (if applicable)
  • Immunisation Certificate
  • Copy of the latest (full) school report from previous school (if applicable)
  • Name and contact details of two emergency contacts (in addition to the parents/caregivers)


Documents to download, complete and upload to the electronic enrolment form:


Document to send to your Pastor/Minister or Character Referee. 

Only one ‘part’ of the Pastor/Character Reference Form is required per family. If you are applying for ‘preference’ entry, please get your Pastor/Minister/Senior Leader to fill in ‘Part A’. If you are applying for ‘non-preference’ entry, please get your Character Referee to fill in ‘Part B’.

  • Church Pastor/Minister or Senior Leader Reference Form – Preference Enrolments only; OR
  • Character Reference Form – Non-Preference Enrolments only.

This form is to be emailed to by your referee.


Click here for our Online Enrolment Form for 2025.*  

*All items listed above (except for the Pastor/Character Reference Form) need to be ready for uploading when you fill in the electronic enrolment. Once you have completed the electronic enrolment, please be sure to click ‘submit’.


The Process

When your application has been submitted you will receive an email to acknowledge receipt of your enrolment. Your application will then be processed.  Generally, all preference families will receive an invitations for an enrolment interviews unless a class is filled. and held until applications close. At this time, you may be invited to attend an enrolment interview.

We will be accepting students using our Enrolment Policy as a guide. Those who have been successful in gaining a place at Wellington Hills Christian College for 2025 will be notified as soon as we are able. by early July. Those who are not successful, such as when a class if full, will be invited to go on the waiting list at this time.

Wanting to start your child at Miramar Christian School before 2025?

If you wish your child to start in 2024 at the Miramar Christian School site, you will need to complete our online enrolment form and indicate this on the Extra Student/Family Information document.