Preference of enrolment will be given to those students with parents who have established a particular or general connection with the special character of the school.

Parents will be asked to complete an enrolment application which will include signing a Statement of Belief, outlining church involvement, committing to supporting the Christian character of the school and providing any other evidence explaining why such a school meets their family’s needs. The government has clear rules around how preference of enrolment is to be determined. The Proprietor of the school makes that determination.

Enrolments are open for Years 1 to 9 in 2025. Year 10 places will be available in 2026, Year 11 in 2027, Year 12 in 2028 and Year 13 in 2029.

Wellington Hills Christian College.

A dedicated school bus service will be dependent on negotiations with the MOE and depends on the number of children requiring transport for a given location and current available options.

Yes. We will be rebranding as part of Miramar’s relocation and name change.

Yes, we will process your application including the interview and will confirm if your child can be enrolled to give you surety of your child’s place at WHCC in 2025. Priority for interviews however is currently being given to families of students starting in 2024 or at the beginning of 2025.

You can submit an enrolment application which will be processed by the school when your child’s start date is within the next calendar year e.g we are now processing application for 2024 and 2025.

Yes. This round of enrolment is for students who will be starting in 2024 and 2025.

The regular pathway for students living in the Hutt Valley is to attend Maranatha Christian School for Year 1-8 and then come to Wellington Hills Christian College for their Year 9-13. Please note there are more spaces at the year 9 level to allow this to happen.  Further, there are some circumstances (e.g. if there are no spaces at Maranatha Christian School for your children) when Wellington Hills Christian School will allow students from the Hutt to attend in Years 1-8.  If you have such circumstances, please contact the principal and discuss your situation.

After the forms have been processed, and we have checked that all parts of the enrolment form are present, a letter confirming receipt of the application is sent. The next step is an interview with parents and the child. Following the completion of interview process, decisions are made on whether we can offer a place at WHCC.  If there are more applications than places the priorities in our Enrolment Policy are used to guide who is offered a place.

No.  Please wait until you have received a letter of acceptance.

Real-estate is very expensive, and the site has just been purchased. The building is being remodeled to be fit for purpose for a quality learning environment. Once all these costs have been calculated, the attendance dues and property donation is set to meet the debt repayment. An application is then sent to the Ministry of Education for approval of the attendance dues which are mandatory for attendance.  

The current attendance fees are $2800 per student per year with a further $2000 property donation per student being requested by the land trust to help fund the provision of the site and buildings.

The first term attendance is required to be paid in full ($700 =  ¼ of the annual Attendance Dues), then payments will be deducted weekly from the second term if the weekly payment plan has been selected.

Yes, Wellington Hills Christian College is state-integrated and delivers the New Zealand Curriculum.  This includes all core curriculum subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Technology, Health and Physical Education and the Arts. In Year 7-8 a language is also taught. Students in Year 9+ will have a full programme with some options.  These options will be advised in late November.

No, Miramar Christian School will be relocated to the new site at Johnsonville and will be renamed Wellington Hills Christian College in 2025. The Miramar property will be sold to help offset some of the cost of the new site. All applications for 2025 (Years 1-9) are for Wellington Hills Christian School, however students can still enroll at Miramar Christian School in 2024

Ideally we could start with 15 students in each primary year group, however final class sizes will vary depending on the number/age and level of students who actually enrol.  Junior classes are expected will range from about 10 to 24.   Most classes in the primary will be composite classes that is classes made up of students from two-year groups.

We expect to enrol approximately 26 students in every College year group. 

All year 1-10 students will have PE classes.  We will make full use of Alex Moore Park, which is within easy walking distance of the school, the swimming pool and the Broderick Chapel mini gym to run PE lessons. We currently have a relationship with the Heart Foundation and Nuku Ora (Sport Wellington) which will continue when we move to Wellington Hills Christian College.  These groups support our sports programmes. There are plans to build a gym in 2027).

Primary: As we are a State-Integrated school our primary students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Northern Zone Sport.  School sports teams that play outside school times, e.g. Hockey, will be reliant on having sufficient students to form teams and parent volunteers to coach and manage teams.

Secondary:  2025 will be a year in which we establish connections in secondary Sport Wellington, which may create opportunities with other Colleges in the proximity of the Johnsonville area.

Selected students in College will have the potential to attend school athletic and cross-country meets and, as with primary, the potential to play for a school team if there is sufficient interest to create a team for a particular sport and parent volunteers to coach and manage teams are available.

(Please note even large Colleges may not offer every sport and often combine with other colleges to create teams.)    

Our design team and builders advise they expect the site to be fully ready to occupy at the start of the school year in 2025. However, it’s always good planning to have a ‘Plan B’ just in case it becomes necessary, to ensure we can open as expected. This could involve utilizing alternative spaces to allow for any uncompleted area to be finished. Whatever happens, we will open in February 2025.

This will be an area the Board will work on later in the year. Please stay connected to our news updates as we continue to plan for 2025.


The Peniel Charitable Trust is the owner of the land and buildings used by Wellington Hills Christian School and has faithfully carried a vision for a Y1-13 coed Christian school in Wellington years. They have partnered with the Wellington Christian Education Trust to see this dream become a reality. 

The Wellington Christian Education Trust has been carrying the vision for over a decade for a network of at least 5 Christian schools with 3000 students in Wellington.

New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust is the proprietor of 9 schools across New Zealand. NZCPT is highly experienced in Christian education and has an excellent working relationship with the Ministry of Education.

Also supporting this project are: 

The school(s) will deliver the New Zealand Curriculum from a biblical Christian perspective. All teaching staff will be Christian. Preference of enrolment will be given to Christian families. Those in governance will also be Christian. The biblical truths of Jesus Christ will be taught and lived. The school(s) will reflect the distinctive features of the Wellington area and the unique bicultural journey of Aotearoa New Zealand. Students will discover how God is at work in these spaces.