Special Character

Why choose Christian Education?

Our Special Character

Wellington Hills Christian College is a non-denominational Christ-centred learning environment where all aspects of school life, learning, and relationships are informed by Scripture and shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Education and Training Act 202 (schedule 6) gives our school, as a state integrated school, the right to reflect our Christian special character through all our teaching of the NZ curriculum and our school activities. The Act makes our Proprietor responsible for supervising the maintenance and preservation of our special character.

We believe that:

The School as an extension of the Christian home, exercises the right to live and teach biblical values and to encourage children to also live out those values so that they will make mature and caring contributions to society. This happens through an integrated programme, key aspects of which are:

  • an appreciation of God (the Father) as creator and sustainer of all things.
  • that Jesus of Nazareth (God’s only Son) came into the World with a message of hope and reconciliation ;
  • that the Holy Spirit is at work today drawing men, women and children toward God;
  • an ongoing commitment to emotional, physical, spiritual, social and intellectual development;
  • constructive attitudes towards self, others and creation.

Our Special Character explained

Three documents have been provided by our Proprietor to guide our school in the delivery of our Special Character. These are “Our Faith,” the “Theological Framework,” and the “Special Character Guidelines.”

Our Faith outlines our core beliefs, values, and commitments. The Theological Framework expands upon these and discusses their implications for Christian Education. Finally, the core beliefs, commitments, and values of the Theological Framework are expressed through the seven core practices of the Special Character Guidelines.

Seven Core Practices of the Special Character Guidelines

  1. Prayer and other spiritual practices
  2. Valuing and respecting others
  3. Christ-like character formation
  4. Engaging with the Scriptures
  5. Thinking theologically
  6. Delivering a Christ-centred curriculum
  7. Mission, Vocation, and Service.

Why send your child to a Christian school?”

Shaun Booker is the principal at Hamilton Christian School and the Chair for the New Zealand Association for Christian Schools. He is a passionate educator and leader with a heart for Christian education.