The Vision for the Project

Our Vision

To provide and promote a Christ-centered environment where students experience God and develop a personal commitment that is expressed through their Godly character, which allows students to excel and is expressed through their involvement with the community.

WHCC – Our Journey

Our school started in 1979 as ‘Miramar Christian School’ based in Camperdown Road, Miramar. It has been providing a Christian education to the Eastern Suburbs ever since. Initially the school catered for children from Years 1 – 8. It was established by a group from the Gateway Baptist Church, committed to the vision of Christian education in Wellington that would equip young people for a life of service to God and the community.

 Over the years two Wellington based Christian Trusts, (the Peniel Charatible Trust and the Wellington Christian Education Trust) have continued to carry a vision for an interdenominational Christian school in Wellington that offers a full pathway from years 1 – 13. In 2022 a project was commenced to explore relocating the school to improve student accessibility and promote growth of the school. In January 2023, the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT) was asked to become the school’s proprietor. 

The NZCPT brought a proven track record of building school growth and fostering the development of the Christian special character in its eight existing schools. In 2024 the Minister of Education approved a relocation of the school and its expansion to year 13, adding one year level annually. The Peniel Trust purchased the Johnsonville site and remodelled the first of the site’s two large double storey buildings to provide a state-of-the-art teaching facility for our school as we begin our journey to offer a quality Christian education from primary through to a full secondary education. 

 As an integrated state school, our school receives government funding for staffing and operations. The land and buildings are owned by The Peniel Trust. The New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT) collect the attendance dues to meet the cost of maintenance and building programmes and for supervising and maintaining the Christian Special character of the school.


A collective of like-minded Trusts dedicated to providing Christian education, led by the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust, will develop a network of non-denominational, state integrated, co-educational, Christian schools providing pathways for students to Year 13 with 3000 students across 5 sites by 2050.


The Peniel Charitable Trust is the owner of the land and buildings used by Wellington Hills Christian School and has faithfully carried a vision for a Y1-13 coed Christian school in Wellington years. They have partnered with the Wellington Christian Education Trust to see this dream become a reality. 

The Wellington Christian Education Trust has been carrying the vision for over a decade for a network of at least 5 Christian schools with 3000 students in Wellington.

New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust is the proprietor of 9 schools across New Zealand. NZCPT is highly experienced in Christian education and has an excellent working relationship with the Ministry of Education.

Also supporting this project are:


This project seeks to provide greater accessibility to Christian education for parents in Wellington with a particular emphasis on secondary education. The collective of Trusts have the support of the Ministry of Education for their work. Maranatha Christian School are aware of, and are supportive of the project. Further market research has been undertaken in the first half of 2021. Mark Larson (Project Manager) is charged with developing a 50 year vision for a network of Christian Schools in the greater Wellington area which will include an educational blueprint for the schools and possible locations and sizes.

Click here to see Mark speaking about the project.


The New Zealand Christian Proprietor’s Trust is now the Proprietor of Miramar Christian School. The Peniel Trust (previously the Proprietor) continues to legally own the land and buildings of the school. An application has been submitted to the Ministry of Education to relocate Miramar Christian School to 19-21 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, grow the roll to approximately 210 students, add year levels 9-13 and change the school’s name. It is hoped this application will be before the Minister of Education for approval or otherwise early in 2024.


2021-2025 Establish Miramar Christian School (Wellington Hills Christian College) as a year 1 to 13 school, with a maximum roll of 300-400 at 19-21 Broderick Road, Johnsonville.

Explore opportunities to establish new sites in the CBD, Upper Hutt, South Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.

The network will grow to at least 5 schools with 3000 students.